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John Cooksey is the principal instructor at the Studio For The Arts. He studied art formally since 1967, and taught drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking from his studio since 1979.´╗┐ For more information, please visit, or call John at: 561-223-2370.

Rita Boutros is an instructor at the Studio For  the Arts where she teaches Oil & Acrylic Painting as well as Watercolor. Educated at the Cooper Union in NYC, she obtained her B.F.A. in 1977. For information about Rita's classes, please visit, or call her at: 561-729-8424.


At the Studio For The Arts, our students develop the skills and disciplines required to maximize their creative potential, including:

  • Drawing - how to see the line length, angle, and location
  • Color Theory - realistic, symbolic, impressionistic, expressionistic? - how to choose a palette 
  • Pictorial Composition - how to put the right line, the right shape, and the right color in the right place
  • Elements and Principles of Design - unity without boredom, contrast without chaos - how to find harmony  
  • Perspective - one point, two point, multi-point, and aerial perspective - how to create a sense of space 
  • Materials and Techniques - how to control and manipulate your tools and media to make them work for you
  • Human Anatomy - bones and muscles, and how they influence form, structure, and proportion of the human form
  • The Relationship of Form to Content - what do you want to say and what's the best way to say it? 
  • Art History - how and why the masters painted the way they did, and how it relates to your painting


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